Easyfix Clip on Labels

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These have always been a favourite in residential homes as they are quick to apply and withstand high washing temperatures. Unlike some of the big chunky stud like clips on the market, these are tiny and so don’t irritate the skin. No need for an iron or needle and thread so they can easily be applied in a resident’s room over a cup of tea! 

The labels measure 7.4cm x 1.2cm and are printed with a name and also a room number if required. They can also be printed in colour.

The labels are in fact dual purpose labels as they can also be ironed on!  If you only want iron on labels then we advise buying iron on labels which can be found here  However if you prefer these clip on labels but find there are times when you might prefer to iron them (for example in underwear) then that's a handy option!  If ironing on you may like to trim the ends to make the label a little smaller.  Please let us know when ordering the labels if you'd also like instructions on how to iron them on.