Iron On Name Tags

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Unlike the 'old fashioned' iron on labels these new ones are excellent! They 'fuse' into the garments they are pressed onto and so cannot come off.  They need to be applied correctly, with a very hot iron, and to be pressed onto the clothing for several seconds so please follow the instructions carefully.  They will then 'bond' with the garment to become part of it and will withstand very hot laundry temperatures.  They can of course be tumble dried too.

Labels measure 3.6cm x 1.4cm.

We can even print photos of the resident on the labels.  This can be very useful both for them to identify their own belongings and also for staff.  If you would like a photo printed please give us a ring on 01242 519191.

If you are wanting to pass the clothes on or give them to charity the best thing is to iron blank labels over the top.

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