Frequently asked questions

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Items are sent via Royal Mail and most take 2 to 3 days to arrive.  Occasionally they get delayed and for this reason Royal Mail ask us to wait 10 days before getting concerned that items might be lost.  Luckily this is very rare!. 

Postage is a flat rate of £1.50.

Although most orders arrive within 2 to 3 days we cannot guarantee this so if you want your order urgently please call us to arrange Special Delivery. This costs extra but does guarantee the items to be delivered by 1pm the day after they are posted.  Someone will need to be in to sign for the items.  Special Delivery also means you will get a tracking number so items can be tracked.

Special Delivery orders need to be made before 3.30pm to be sure of going in the next post.  There is no Special Delivery on Saturdays, Sundays or Bank holidays.

No but it's worth noting that the longer the name the smaller the print will be, so if you have a very very long name it may be a good idea just to have the initial and surname rather than both. Room numbers can be printed on a second line.

If the layout needs altering to make a name fit better then we will occasionally do this.  We don't normally use all Capitals, only at the beginning of names as this stands out better.

However if you specifically want ALL CAPITALS please state this in the comments box.

If you need 2 lines of text that's fine.  Name labels for use in Care Homes often have the resident's room number printed on them as well as the name.

Foreign accents can be printed.  Just type them in when entering the name.

All the labels ordered online have a white background but the text colour can be red, blue, green, or pink as well as the standard black.  However we can also print coloured backgrounds to make labels a little bolder and make them stand out even more.  If you would like coloured backgrounds please call us on 01242 519191.

We keep the choice of fonts simple and just offer Arial, Comic Sans and Script.  If you desperately want a different one please give us a ring as we can probably do it - but we think the three on offer are nice and clear and bold - which is important for a name label.


The Clips are tiny and flat so they don't irritate.  They are even suitable for socks and underwear.  The only place we might not recommend putting them is right in the middle of the collar.

Our Sew on labels are printed and made from a material which looks and feels a bit like paper.  However it is NOT paper!  It is a robust material which goes through the wash over and over again and doesn't fray.  If you think it's paper - try to rip it - you'll soon change your mind!

If you are a Care Homes ordering on behalf of a lot of residents we may be able to offer some discount.  Normally this is limited to either regular or large orders from Care Homes but for individuals we often have discount codes and you can also request a loyalty card which offers discount.

Yes!  There is usually a human around to answer the phone - but if not please leave a message on our answerphone.   We normally get back to you very quickly.  The phone number is 01242 519191.

Yes.  Just make sure you enter a delivery address that is different to the billing address when ordering.  If is not your own address please make sure you get it right !  We don't tend to recommend sending to work addresses as items are more likely to get mislaid when this happens.

If the Iron on labels start to come off in the wash it is most likely because the iron wasn't hot enough when they were first applied.  However it can be tricky to tell as they can look as if they are well stuck on when they're not.  At the same time, if the iron is too hot this will melt them so it's important to get the happy medium.

As the durablility of the Iron on labels relies on the adhesive on the back sticking fast to the garment they do not always withstand very high washing temperatures that are found in Care Homes as the heat will melt the adhesive.  Therefore if buying for a Care Home please make sure the Iron on labels with withstand the laundry process.  Due to this potential problem we recommend Easyfix Clip on Labels more.

If you have any problems the best thing is to give us a call and we can try to work out the problem and give you some help over the phone.